"Good morning handsome.


Try saying "hi" in a funny way! Sure, a simple “hello” would do the trick, but why not. Have a great day!" 2.


"Good morning handsome.

. But first, let’s recall what this phrase actually is. Hello stranger funny answer.

Or “Better than some, not as good as others.

Due to that, it certainly leads to a great conversation, probably rewinding the old memories. “Hey!” (Yes, you can respond in kind!) To respond to “Hey!” with your own “Hey!” is most. Community Experts online right now.

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" 3.

. But if you send someone a photo of a turtle climbing out of a briefcase, then.

‘Ciao’ is a french term for greeting someone at the time of their arrival or departure. I can't stop thinking about you.

Community Experts online right now.
You can choose the typical greeting, or you can have some fun with your greeting.

Looks like a CAT-5 cable to me.

"Ugh, I have a problem.

. Have a great day!" 2. Mar 15, 2023 · Funny good morning text message examples: Good morning, mate.

C. . . ”. BraveAmir • 3 mo. it carries the excitement you have, getting a text from them after a long time.

Whether you're responding to a friend, coworker, or stranger, this is a positive way to highlight the day.

Jun 9, 2022 · 50+ Cursed, Funny, and Best Copypastas. It is good to use this response when your day is not going so well but you want to express that you are not letting it get the better of you.


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Have a great day!" 2.

That will get you places you know.